5 Core Truths of KidMin Sunday School

5 Core Truths of KidMin Sunday SchoolWe are getting very close to launching the product lines of KidMin Solutions! I’m deep in editing and tech mode right now and hoping that by the end of the week (Yikes!) we will have the Christmas Play Collection and KidMin Sunday School curriculum available for purchase.  I will be posting a few sneak peeks in the next few days, but I wanted to start by sharing the 5 Core Truths of KidMin Sunday School. Each lesson I write and share with you is built around these core truths.

God Made You

By reminding kids who made them on a regular basis, we impress on their hearts their great worth. The more we explore this topic by talking about how God Made Us, the more we add to the picture kids hold in their heads of who they might grow to be.  I’m currently writing a unit about Kids in the Bible (available in November after we’ve tested it and edited it). The four week study has 4 Big Truths: God Made Me to Know Him, God Made Me to Listen for His Voice, God Made Me to Be Brave and God Made Me to Use My Gifts. We take the core truth that we are all God’s masterpiece, created for a purpose and explain and explore that to widen all of our understanding of who we are in Christ.

God Loves You

We all need the constant reminder of how much God loves us. We tell kids over and over in every imaginable way that God loves them- No Matter What.  No matter what we do, God loves us. We can’t earn that love. We don’t even deserve that love, but it is as true and as sure as our next breath. Kids need to know that. Parents need to know that. If we only succeed in getting this truth into the hearts and minds of the kids and families we serve, we are doing pretty well.

 God Forgives You

I have come across so many people who for one reason or another have drifted away from God and feel like they can’t possibly come back to church until they clean up their act. How would these people’s story be different if they had the simple and bombastic truth that God Forgives Us written in their hearts. God’s forgiveness doesn’t end, it doesn’t come with strings attached- fix this and be good for this amount of time and we’ll see kind of manipulations. God forgives when we come to him and freely confess and turn away from our sin. Even when we mess up and sin again the same way the next day…we come back and do it all over again and God Still Forgives Us.  It’s mind boggling. It’s life shaking. Let’s do all we can to help kids and their families understand this deep down to their very soul.

God is With You

We all feel alone sometimes. But we are never alone. No matter how solitary and painful the walk may be, God is with us. God is holding us together, giving us strength, working within us. Kids need to know that even when it feels like there is nowhere for them to fit in, they always fit with God. God never runs away or turns his back. He is always with us.

 God Calls Us

Kids need to see that they were created for a purpose. For the kid who never gets picked in gym class or sits alone at lunch, they need to know there is a reason they are so different. They have a calling that goes beyond the moment and into forever. But they also have a calling as a follower of Jesus to love others the best way they can. We talk about our calling being an every day kind of thing. If we’re paying attention, God is calling us to do all kinds of things- take care of his earth, smile at the new kid, say I’m sorry when we are wrong. Giving kids an idea of how they can serve God in their actual real lives makes it much clearer for them to follow God.

We need all five of these truths to create a full picture of who God is and our relationship to him. While our core truths are all God-centered, they are also Trinity centered. The Holy Spirit Calls Us…Jesus Calls Us…God Calls Us. All are true and important. As children grow, we get deeper into these truths, giving them a solid foundation of faith for them to grow into and own for themselves.

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