The Lessons of Christmas (Christmas Musical)

Lessons of Christmas Cover Page 

Cast of Characters

Narrator- Adult or older youth, can be broken into 4-5 different narrators. Should be a memorized narration, not read

Mary- older child or youth, will be on stage much of the performance, brief speaking part

Gabriel- older child or youth, larger speaking part

Joseph- older child or youth, non speaking part, but is on stage through much of performance

Head Angel- older child, small speaking part

Angels- children of all ages, one group speaking part

Shepherds- children of all ages, one group speaking part

 Script Excerpt- Scene One

Narrator: This is the season of Advent, the time we get ready to celebrate the mystery of Christmas, the time when we prepare our hearts for the gift of Jesus.  As we retell the story of the birth of Jesus, each character teaches us something.

Scene One: Mary teaches us to be faithful

Narrator: Our story begins with Mary.

Enter Mary from stage left to center

Mary was a young girl engaged to be married.  She was not someone the rest of the world would have chosen to be mother to a savior.  But God chose her and sent his angel Gabriel to tell her of the amazing plan he had for her life.

Enter Gabriel from stage right

Gabriel:  You are truly blessed.  The Lord is with you.

Narrator: Mary was confused by this greeting and wondered what it meant.

Gabriel:  Don’t be afraid!  God is pleased with you and you will have a son.  His name will be Jesus.  He will be great and will be called Son of God Most High. 

Mary:  How can this happen?  I am not married.

Gabriel:  The Holy Spirit will come down to you and God’s power will come over you.  Your child will be called the Holy Son of God.  Nothing is impossible for God.

Mary:  I am the Lord’s servant.  Let it happen as you have said.

 Mary and Gabriel freeze until the end of narration

Narrator:  Let it happen as you have said.  Rather than argue with God or question his plans further, Mary responds with faith.  Imagine how frightened she must have been.  Imagine that you were asked by God to do something so huge, so unimaginable that you can’t begin to know how it would happen.  And yet Mary responds with faith.  Let it happen as you have said.  As we light the first candle of the advent wreath, let us pause to remember Mary’s faithfulness.

Acolyte lights first candle and allow a few moments for reflection.  Mary moves to far stage left and freezes, Gabriel exits stage right

Optional Special Music (solo or small group singing from in front of stage area or stage right)

The Lessons of Christmas can be easily modified to include any special music, choirs, bell choirs or other musical ensembles.

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