Monday Morning Celebrations

image by Billy Alexander

Often as leaders, we jump into problem solving mode on Monday morning.  We start evaluating and nit-picking our Sunday morning children’s programs.  Or if we aren’t caught up in Fix-It mode, we’ve moved on to planning next Sunday, one week done another to prepare.

Both of these things are important.  Evaluation is what helps any leader grow and shape the program they lead week by week.  Preparation is key to success with children.  There is no substitute for either of these things, and they should be a regular part of your Monday children’s ministry work.  There is something else that I think is equally important that many of us forget- Celebration!

I’m not saying you throw a party every Monday morning that another week of ministry was complete.  What I’m suggesting we do each Monday morning is to stop and share one thing that you can celebrate about what happened in your children’s ministry the day before.  What is one thing you can thank God for doing in your program?  It might be a new family that attended your Sunday School or a teacher that tried something new, a child that is usually uninterested that seemed to connect a little more.  There is always something to celebrate.

In the weeks to come, we’ll talk about how to pass our Monday Morning Celebrations on to others.  For today, let’s simply share among ourselves.  What are you celebrating and thanking God for this week?  Share in the comments.

Image by Billy Alexander