Welcome to KidMin Solutions!

Hello!  Welcome to KidMin Solutions!  I am so glad that you have found this little spot on the web to help support your children’s ministry.

You may be wondering what KidMin Solutions is all about.  My goal for KidMin Solutions is to be  your one stop Children’s Ministry spot online for support, sharing ideas and inspiration.  My focus is particularly aimed at small and medium sized churches with big passion for kids, but small budgets and resources.  In the weeks and months to come, this website will feature Sunday School lessons, ideas for special Children’s Ministry events and activities, children’s plays and a blog full of tips to help you make an impact on the hearts of the children in your community.  Everything created for this site will be focused on helping children experience Jesus in real and meaningful ways.

I am just like you, an unpaid children’s ministry leader with a small budget, volunteer staff and children of my own.  I began serving in children’s ministry because I wanted my children to have a better church experience than I did as a child.  Because I had teaching experience, my ministry leader at the time threw me in with the preschoolers and a teacher’s manual and said “Good luck!”  Trial by fire, perhaps, but  over time, I found my true calling.  I hope to use my experience as a former professional teacher, my years in ministry and the inspiration and leading of God to help support and inspire children’s ministry leaders all over the world.

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  1. I am a member of a small church, which is a break-off from another church..”maybe a church plant”. I have been given the title of Dean of Christian Education primarily because I am a former teacher and currently a district administrator of curriculum. We need help…my pastor believes in handing out assignments with no clear directions. It has been epic failures in the past and I receive the title because as my training as a teacher and administrator I stepped in several times to save the Christmas and Easter programs. Now he wants me to train the leaders he chose as youth leaders. I need a mission and purpose for youth ministry and HELP…?

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